Hi Tech Mahabharata

first_imgGrant Morrison, author of Batman and Superman comics, is collaborating with Indian artist Mukesh Singh to publish a four book series on the Mahabharata. The books accompany an animated television series and video game, which its creators say, is a “Psychedelic Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology.” The first book is the series was released on Aug 25.“Just as you don’t have to be a hobbit and live in the Shire to appreciate The Lord of the Rings, you don’t have to be well-versed in Indian culture to enjoy the Mahabharata,” said Morrison, adding there is an “enormous techno-atomic hammer of the gods,” an “albino super-elephant” and “super-massive hi-altitude dreadnaughts.” Morrison says, “All technology should consider embracing some of this retro-Indian-steam punk aesthetic.”  Related Itemslast_img

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