UN Called Upon to Investigate Embezzlement of Humanitarian Aid in Tindouf

Barcelona  – The Association of the friends of the Moroccan Sahara in Spain called for the setting up by the UN of a commission to investigate the embezzlement of the aid sent to the population held against their will in Tindouf camps and to bring before justice those responsible for such a diversion.The Association also urged the UN General Assembly and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) to put pressure on Algerian authorities with a view to conducting a census of the population held in Tindouf camps.In this regards, the President of the Association, Rachid Fares, said in a statement to MAP that the EU needs to reconsider its humanitarian aid assistance to the camps on the backdrop of the disclosure of a report by the European Anti-Fraud office which points out to the responsibility of the polisario and the Algerian authorities in the diversion of humanitarian aid to the detriment of the population in Tindouf camps. The report, he said, shows the involvement of Algerian and polisario officials in the embezzlement of large quantities of aid for decades.Fares deplored that his association has alerted Spanish authorities to these fraudulent practices affecting the delivery of humanitarian aid to the suffering population in Tindouf.The Sahrawis who could flee the polisario-administered camps recount stories of the trafficking of aid by the polisario leadership in connivance with Algerian authorities.The OLAF report details embezzlement practices of humanitarian aid sent to Tindouf camps which starts from the port of Oran with the involvement of Algerian and Polisario mafias.

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