The right way to handle the website chain

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The processing method of

the other is Jinhua Jinhua webmaster tools, webmaster tools, although there is no Xenu check the dead links so professional, but for the website chain inspection precision. If this is the first time to use Jinhua webmaster tools to check the website links, webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er need to download the software and then landing software, click data analysis add direct need to check the website with the domain name in the domain name, to complete a software inspection site of the URL link, the site of the chain can be derived.

two, the death of the site

both the optimization process of personal website or corporate website, website maintenance in the long run, would produce a certain amount of death, the death of these 404 pages and we usually say, as the site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, will know that 404 page website links to you a number of sites will be search engine punishment right down, thus affecting the weight of the website ranking and reduce. So the website chain is how to produce? How to produce the website chain optimization and processing optimization? Lang Shanghai Longfeng today and we chat for the site chain optimization method and processing on the site of the chain produced.

chain has a variety of ways, usually under the website chain website, including website content, website URL deleted regulation, website extrapolation released URL link is extension staff negligence artificially inserted string causes the URL link is search engine grab and included. These factors are the cause of the death of the website, the website optimization personnel need to make the correct treatment and reduce website chain, guide link search engines on the website of the content is correct, can normal open, to avoid the wrong site links are included in search engines, causing the site to be included death increased. Due to the web site in the search engine ranking weight value is reduced, resulting in lower ranking.

1, the website chain inspection: website of the chain how to find it? What tools can check the website chain? There are a lot of tools and methods in the online search and check the website chain, but a Shanghai dragon website optimization used to check the web site links tool only 2, one is the Xenu special tool to check the website chain, an online search of Xenu chain inspection tools can find the download address. The reason why the Xenu chain inspection tool is professional, on the one hand Xenu can precisely identify the site links, on the other hand also can clearly know the website above most of the URL link HTTP, convenient for the state of Shanghai dragon Er URL link for processing, especially the processing sites of 404 page links.

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