How to narrow the gap between the two sides through the analysis of the competition

first, data analysis station. Choose a few stations, respectively, analysis of competitors web page of Shanghai dragon, snapshot date, included, the chain, keywords, PR analysis and ranking, these indicators are actually not difficult, use Adsense tools can be achieved, then record in the excel table, then compare from different places, so that you know what’s the difference between where. A few pages, by comparing the Shanghai dragon, observe the competitor’s title, keywords, description, you will find that others layout is how, their difference is reflected in where. Keywords they do not need to choose, title, description there is no improvement, analysis of several sites, many times you will understand your site contrast, weakness.

finished the basic analysis station, the next station is a station to do what, of course, is to see the other side of the link in what place do, love each other through the Shanghai domain:+ domain name, YAHOO can be viewed by click on the YAHOO webmaster tools chain. See where others do, if they are found in some high weight.

competitor analysis mainly from two aspects, one is the station, the other one is outside the station, so these two aspects to analyze what kind of data, and competitor analysis what can help you website, below I introduce respectively.

I have engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon has been more than a year, while also wrote some soft, when in March wrote a new article: do share share 12 days outside the chain increased 4 times the secret. Posted on A5, everyone in the pursuit of, won more than 3000 hits, reprinted countless, during this period because the other has been in the planning of network marketing, not to write, and now back to lead the team to do the Shanghai dragon, about more than a month, let website has improved, so now to share some experience own to you, I hope to help everyone, mainly about how to analyze competitor to narrow the gap with other websites, provide their own website ranking.

come back to observe the competition website snapshot and included problems, is actually at the snapshot can be sent to others station one day update several articles, or a few days to update an article, these can be monitored through the long time of that law, use Adsense tools click today included, or enter the competition website, click on the other update the contents of the forum, also can see, analysis their rules, through the comparison of several competitors, you can be summed up, and then starting from their own, you can find a suitable site update frequency. The other site PR and ranking only as a reference, understand themselves and their gap where. There are a little more important is to view each site keyword density, look at the others how the layout of the site, the key is how to distribution, which can be your site to adjust.

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