How to deploy the long tail keywords experience

How to do

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long tail words flow to obtain accurate long-term stability for the

hair loss what to eat

in the chain optimization project.

How to deploy

long tail keywords find how to deploy to the optimal

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we can list the following keywords:

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which has several different

is the set of programs, the long tail keywords according to the optimal target keywords to do, but also some of the details to make slight adjustment. Good understanding than the content of a web page, in the content more prominent several keywords, and the title of the method is more important, the long tail keywords + related characteristics, to establish a good title to have certain particularity, coupled with the search engine and word, may well be a weight is not very high the site quickly included, waiting for the harvest. There is a little trick is when the optimization of the long tail word, pay attention to the correlation, can give the website with the relevant recommendation, reduce the rate of jump out the site. To win more opportunities, finally is to do the statistical analysis, the statistics of long tail keywords mainly from the site statistics, the establishment of a list, we call the convenience in writing articles, and do the anchor text.

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from the first type of product of thinking, combined with the main direction of the site, for example, from the type of product characteristics, regional, correlation, competitors, love Shanghai, Search Ranking antecedents keyword analysis. Let me give you an example. For example, the "hair" of the word, according to the above ideas,


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

is the common aspiration of every webmaster. The long tail word site cannot be ignored, why? The long tail keywords bring users into customers than the probability web site target keywords is much higher, a Taobao customer such as I do, the content is hair care products, although the ranking has gone up, but the website’s conversion the rate is not high, I thought about the reason, is mainly due to the content of the website is not convincing, the long tail word flow less. The orientation of the long tail keywords, their own site to find more accurate flow? First we should first understand the characteristics of several key words: derivatives become strong, strong pertinence, wide coverage. Start from several aspects, to dig the target keywords related key words.

How to prevent hair loss How to solve the

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

postpartum alopecia

and so on. There are many similar expansion words.

how to excavate the long tail keywords?

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