Love Shanghai snapshot not update and complaint handling experience

webmaster friends may have encountered love Shanghai does not update problem snapshot every day, sometimes adhere to the original article, still with the new snapshot. Since the blue whale to do stand, summed up the following reasons and complaint handling experience:

is the way to go up in the station optimization. We like to visit relatives, a big road, a dirt road, a dead end. We choose to go the road, the road is easy and efficient. Mud road to achieve the same purpose, but will let us go tired, we don’t want to leave the relatives of the initiation of the idea. The dead end will let us back, waste of energy and strength.

may have many webmaster friends do not end professional background, in order to achieve a certain effect, to the Internet to COPY some CSS style and JS style, there is no corresponding optimization and after finishing, directly copied to the code, upload to the server. The next time to find a style, directly put up. The cycle appeared on the website in a lot of redundant code. In order to facilitate may quickly find a piece of code, enter a lot of space, such a serious impact to the Shanghai spiders friendly love.

For the convenience of

after modification of some code, try to use the code annotations, a written code can not write the two paragraph, such as: padding-top:30px; padding-right:20px; padding-bottom:10px; padding-left:10px padding:30px 20px 10px 0 can be written as.

2. home website code is concise, regular optimization of redundant code

1. Title keyword is excessive optimization, fell in love with the sea garbage treatment station

in this case, we want to find the reason from the site itself, check the website title is too much, sometimes friends may think that the title keyword use more, that can bring more traffic to the site, in fact this is a misunderstanding, I used to do local station "Jingmen world", all the search keywords in Jingmen all the basic area added to the title, half a month after the discovery site not updated snapshot, love Shanghai considered cheating, as a waste disposal station, transition optimize title may also lead to love Shanghai antipathy, affect the updated snapshot. We try to use keywords concise prominent website industry characteristics.

3. station optimization and the chain check

, to find their own reasons

DIV level is up to 3 layers, the more level set the threshold for more spiders, will also affect the crawl. Webmaster friends can style writing some big companies, such as NetEase Tencent reference.

picture to add ALT tags, when spiders read picture information, if the picture does not add the corresponding ALT message, affect the enthusiasm of the spider, the spider think these pictures no content value.

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