Optimization techniques of Shanghai Longfeng picture 7 webmaster essential


1, the page title and the title of the article should be consistent with the picture, for example Red Apple Tastes title is "A Better", then the picture should be called " apple.jpg"

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

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2, the content of the article should try to talk to the theme of the picture as similar or related

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: The name of Below

7, the ALT property in

actually, this image optimization should not be overlooked, I am more lazy, so a few pictures optimization. But some experience I do English station told me from the search of IP or a lot of pictures. If a picture can be routed to the good position is easier than in the natural search text competition flow point.

down the right site specifically >

3, the text should follow the theme of the picture, such as " Tasty apple"

should be a form like "keyword 1- 2 words like"

6, the best picture format is JPG, PNG, GIF and other small light image format

The original author

a while ago with friends of don’t know why foreigners write so love with the number, such as 50 beautiful WordPress theme, 5 field description of search engine optimization and so on. Don’t know whether in this foreign title will make people more attention? Or foreigners pay great attention to the data itself, like what NBA game player data statistics. Today in Shanghai dragon 2 there to see an article such as the introduction, may wish to share with you a translation:


4, the size of the picture at least 250*300 pixels

special chain optimization:

to avoid keyword stuffing When

said his blog pictures can have some truth in qualifying so good in his noble baby pictures search, for example, Shanghai dragon BLOG top ten, 2 ranked first in Shanghai dragon. Gu Baiyou 贵族宝贝igubaiyou.cn is a text of the site, so the site hopes to get traffic pictures is unlikely, but I believe a lot of friends website certainly picture of the proportion is very high, so whether you thought about using image optimization techniques to get many visitors? Let’s see what is the author of the picture optimization, maybe a lot of you are but a lot of you are too lazy to do:

5, the

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

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