The relationship between home layout and website ranking


1 site columns: General sites are divided into 2-3 bar, this is the most common site, such as the A5 home page, is the three column shows, from left to right, the left side is published every day some soft Wen webmaster wrote the article ranking, the middle part is some experience to share what’s right.

1, title (title) set, if you want to have a good website ranking in the search engine, so your title will write in accordance with the standards of search engine, generally not more than 25 words, is 50 characters, but not that much can not write, just in search the engine does not display, it did not write and write what is

, a home page layoutThe head of the

web page layout is very important, the layout, a bit too, should be said to be the head of the head set, set three main blocks:

3, keywords (keywords) words, here but more narrative, because now the keywords set, little, up to the search engine a reference site is what belongs to the industry.

The navigation layout of

page text layout is a key, and all related rankings are around this text as follows:

site navigation, in the net proportion is very important, because without a navigation website, user experience super garbage, simply cannot keep users. There is no navigation website, you let the user know how your specific content. Because if a site navigation, users come in, then he will judge at the first time your site can be divided into several blocks. He can quickly find he want to know the information, then this site is successful, such as the A5 section of the web site is a good example.

three pageThe

two, the home pageEach


Hello, today to share is the homepage layout and website ranking of the relationship, at the time of this writing, thinking for a long time, how to write, write well, there should be a clear idea to write. Before the relationship between homepage layout and website ranking, the first to talk about the homepage layout skills which are and what needs attention. I describe to you here:

The head of

The layout of the

2, description (description), if there are two website ranking in Shanghai love home, one is the first, one is fourth, whose titles are roughly the same, but the description is not the same, the first description of the writing is very sloppy, but the fourth title well written, very attractive. So most users will click on the name of the site is fourth, which is not the first site, said so much, with you should know what is the meaning. A good description is to attract users.

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