Through the love of Shanghai quality white paper enterprise stand optimization new trends

we know the content of original manual to write your own articles only can meet the quality requirements for spiders, this article is really valuable to rely on the user for approval of the analysis, this one problem involves browsing experience, browsing experience is mainly reflected in the information content of the layout is reasonable, for example multi segment, by way of illustrations, the information is completely around user needs expansion. Browse smoothly mainly access speed on the website, web pages open faster, do not add website to read a lot of unrelated effects of ad code, do not put all the negative factors influence user reading. Content must highlight the theme, made it clear that his position, we know that the writing of the article is around the theme, the article only explain a subject, if the argument too much, it will make the user in all at sea puzzled embarrassing predicament, as we have repeatedly before writing the theme of the site.

second, we want to improve the browsing experience through the details of what.

first, enterprise website through the contents of the quality and accessibility of browsing experience.

with love Shanghai algorithm upgrades, this is not love, the recent Shanghai web search quality white paper again to the station released a high-profile, expound the effect of "quality for the weights of the website from many aspects, as a business station of many websites in an important branch, we should optimize the operation and how to do business website, love Shanghai" quality white paper what are the specific requirements for the enterprise website? Well, we continued to gossip today, through the short, love Shanghai "quality white paper enterprise stand optimization new trends.

the last point the author discuss the content of the quality problem, we first.

third, the content of quality must pass.

we look at the love Shanghai white paper on the quality requirement is what? The search engine’s mission is to provide to the user to meet the demand of high quality content, love Shanghai search engine will be based on "quality of the sort of adjustment. This sentence is mainly to clarify the influence of the quality of website content for the website weight, for many small and medium-sized enterprise website content is not very adequate, a lot of time in order to save the direct collection of outstanding article copy others, these are the requirements of the Shanghai love and draw further apart. How to improve the quality of enterprise web content? The author thinks that we can release a lot of photo text articles in the article to add a view for ideas and information, to attract users attention. For product similarity, we can use the product pictures, product details page description and customer use cases to carry out, to avoid the low quality of enterprise information content due to the similar products, mainly to add page browsing experience ad code in the enterprise web site, do not put many independent advertising code, do not place many dynamic effects affect reading in order to optimize, improve the quality of content and browsing experience must be combined.

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