Cheng Luyao love Shanghai drop down list algorithm to adjust and optimize the promotion of new schem


got a map: (in all my colleagues in the industry to tap the words are many, not limited to.


yesterday found love Shanghai search another change, that is to modify the search engine drop-down list, the more I do not say first, first above:

love Shanghai why so modified, I believe that everyone can understand, love Shanghai now tends to be more user experience of this piece, Shanghai hopes to show love users most want to know and what the most popular to users, this change for users is also useful. So for those of us owners, workers in terms of network promotion, what is the significance? We first analyze its change in words. In fact, so I also searched many other words, not every word will appear above that, generally only commercial nouns will appear above the situation. So, how do we do this for an effective optimization promotion? Tips: This is the network marketing _ his original, want to know more about this please retain the copyright information network marketing experience knowledge search "network marketing Yao" reprint.

seen this picture I believe some people usually observe the minute immediately found, is, for the love of Shanghai before a drop-down list of search engine search habits, after a word, the word is only the extension of word characters and words, and these words are extended daily search volume relatively high words will appear in the search engine drop-down list. For example, we search "online", the drop-down list will only appear "Internet banking" and "online business hall" online "part-time" this kind of "online" Extensions word (if there do not understand friends can try to search their own, here is not a screenshot. ) but, as shown above, what we see in front of the name is "a few Extensions word online mall, but the last is not the brand, but some words search volume is relatively large," Suning online mall "Gome online mall" etc..

As for the

analysis: analysis of their own industries on which business term for the drop-down list. When there is no love in Shanghai before changing the drop-down list algorithm, I try to work in the following list this, however this day Shanghai drop-down list algorithm changes, very intuitive to a brand of "presented to the user, regardless of the search engine experience or the user experience is very good so it.


2: after the noun analysis can be done, with their own brand, after determining the final keyword, first of all to do their own brand optimization, then according to their own brand and promotion (since love Shanghai search engine drop-down list for the user search volume, if brand word their increase in search volume love Shanghai if so) will normally appear in the drop-down list, such a "free advertising" I believe you should not miss.

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