The site is not the first home page is right to be reduced

website structure, website open speed, server security the three no problem. The IP server with other good rankings, at the same time the author manually query with the IP site, did not find a gray or illegal website. I had a bed guard enterprise station, because there are a lot of Jia with IP server on the website by the card to punish even.


The original I had a

station, although the chain is no problem, but because it is the guest station, the author used some other sites with the station to do some Links. Is it Links problem? But at the same time the author launched many stations, including foot bath, bed rails and other products, there are more exclusive search engine slimming station, why search engines will only drop the power station and the station? Links only 6, and is divided into 3 batches added this is clearly not true.


last year to optimize enterprise station, also site is not the first home page, the site is down right away, all the key words. Because the company is the main station, the author of this word right down a deep impression, in my subconscious, site is not the first home page, that is a precursor to a web site is down right. A few days ago, I habitually use Adsense tools inquires the site data, results cup.

1, web based data analysis

and the correlation, the author is pure handmade. The chain, I almost did not send the chain. This domain age, although only 21 days, but the chain query use webmaster tools only 32, but the chain never more than 10. If the 10 is pure spider and hair classification information and the B2B chain, can let the site drop right, I have nothing to say.

After all,

is a new station, although the website soon included, the author assumes that the search engine in the assessment of it. If the search engine spiders IP assessment, view the site log, should be able to see some clues. The light log analysis tool of the station’s query log, found that the situation is very normal, and did not examine and drop right IP spider visit, this is strange.

this phenomenon, the author according to the previous experience of speculation is website optimization cheating. The author of the last foot tub site, because of excessive and optimization right down. A website promotion, the more cautious, Ning for less traffic, but also to ensure the stability of the flow.

, a website analysis

as above, the author not only is the website snapshot card in 8.6 (the author is not very concerned about the snapshot, more important is the accurate flow), but was not in the first home position. I began to think that is the webmaster tools data error, but a manual search results, as sure as a gun. Since the emergence of this issue, the author will expose to solve, and strive to restore the site and avoid making the same mistake next time.

2, web log analysis

link analysisThe author of the

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