QQ dragon ball and grass roots webmaster

author Mu Yun Sheng: 12 years of professional Internet users, engaged in website production and operation of more than three, self styled as its website CEO. Do all aspects of the station, a smattering of knowledge, learning wide and not refined. But after a cold spectators, watching the raging like a storm on the internet. Along the way, I met many webmaster friends who needed help, and met a lot of webmaster friends who helped me. Then I tried to help my friends who need help with grass roots.

recently, QQ dragon ball played a lot, feeling very interesting, able to exercise speed and strain response ability. The first time to play is forced by my girlfriend, said I do every day, web site people will soon become the code, and have to play the game to relax and relax, and then every time I begged, please play with me. This game has a little bit of mental retardation, but still more fun. But one thing, can not play a long time, or backache leg cramps, those red beads beads I can make you dizzy.

, webmaster, friends, if I say QQ dragon ball is related to website, do you believe


Scene 1: log into the QQ game hall and choose dragon ball to enter the game room. Then you’ll have to find a seat and start playing. Sit down and don’t rush to play, look at the opponents, familiar words in. Eggs, hatchlings win their level, basically lack of suspense, without the slightest pressure. The Ankylosaurus, dragon level, like me, I think it is not for the loser is me. Wow, a Stegosaurus, Huang Jinlong as a master, better than me, but we are not afraid, it is challenging to win is passion. If you come across anything such as the Beihai dragon, the South China Sea Dragon, or the like, I urge you to run fast.

analysis 1: the network market is infinite, so long as does not violate the law, what website can do. But before you make a stop, you have to do a good job of market research and competitor analysis. You’ve got to know exactly what your industry is, how big the industry is, and how risky it is. You also have to know your competitors well and know their situation and trends. Now there are many webmaster friends, once a thought or idea, very enthusiastic head in to the road of entrepreneurship, but ignore the analysis and market survey of deep industry, it also ignores the existence of competitors, compared with their competitors in which highlights. Also ignore your idea, whether some people also think of, or because this idea is not possible to succeed, so no one tried. Cai Wensheng in the traditional industry before entering the network, hao123 success has conducted in-depth research and analysis, and on its basis for optimization in all aspects of today’s 265.com. In fact, not just the network, any industry is indispensable market research and analysis of competitors. Mr. Sun Zhengyi, chairman of the Softbank Corp in Japan, did not rush to apply for a job or start a business after he returned from the study, but did most of the industry in Japan

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