Be about to enter university prospective wants to do website operation how to avoid detours

some time ago and a year preparing for the college entrance examination buddy talked a lot, he is in the future want to engage in Internet operations work, but do not know how to fill volunteer, some problems and future in school how to learn, what is the first Yang heart admire this a buddy, such a small age of ideas planning for the future so clear. The second is the process of chatting I feel him questions is very popular, so want to get into an article to express their views, in addition to site operators occupation career planning, still want more with a summary of lessons to the confused but the very idea. Some suggestions for reliable partners.

Two days before the

national college entrance examination has just ended, and the following is to fill in the volunteer, actually experienced the entrance fill volunteer knows, the equivalent of a small entrance, for many (including the I) candidates, fill volunteer more nervous, and this is due to their cause of tension the uncertainty of the future. Just finished the college entrance examination, you may also have the same confusion as below, or if you do not have this confusion, I hope more attention should be paid;


10 years ago today, I am also a student just attended the college entrance examination, I am not a very good student grades, test scores is not ideal, to fill what kind of volunteer, choose what professional head is a mess, or you can say so, for what the future don’t know what to do.

due to fill volunteer before the preparatory work is done well, there is positioning itself is not enough, just casually fill in a professional (now think of his life is really great irresponsible), so that when the school, I don’t even know what I can do in the next major what;

A few years later

university life is passed in the blink of an eye to muddle along without any aim, the time of graduation, in front of the school is looking for work, the recruitment of specialized enterprises docking, but I have no choice, I just go out to find a job, only to find out what, oneself are not, confused!

but in order to live, the restaurant served dishes, and I did too. Later, I came into contact with the Internet operation, and found my real interest, and finally found my own position, until today has been almost 6 years;

is now looking back, has taken so many detours, only one reason: before or fill volunteer in the University, for their own future never really seriously thought about planning,


this is a very common future cognitive traps, if allowed to control your mind, and you will pay me the same price in the future, the origin is taken years or to return to the location, and before all the time have been wasted. Here it is, >

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