Discussion on the importance of internal optimization of e commerce websites from user experience

some time ago a friend recommended an e-commerce site, mainly to sell some of the best-selling book, snacks, and other daily necessities, the site promises in the distribution range of one hour of arrival today, experience again, but found that the electronic commerce website has been lacking in the user experience, here by comparing with the Jingdong of the mall, for everyone look, please pay attention to the webmaster, and avoid in their own website.

1, the home page of website, the website overall color is light green, may be related to thrift, low carbon, green service concept, originally green will make the eyes comfortable, but that a row of red on the left and to the overall classification by points, make the page look messy, although each electricity supplier website will show a lot of goods, but the color is not uniform, will make the page more dazzling:


Jingdong mall home:


contrast and know, the overall style of the site is consistent, how important.

2, the product details page, each e-commerce site will have product display pages, the webmaster to let users have a detailed and detailed understanding of the product, easy to buy, will list a lot of pictures of the products, use method, certification authority certificate, which is bound to make the pages long, regardless of whether the user can make products the picture, or the entire page is read, all need a button that is "back on top", but this is not the website mentioned:


contrast Jingdong mall product details page:


"back to the top button, the user will feel a lot easier, quickly back to the top, not only save time, but one can see the" add to cart "button, the promotion of the purchase, or if a quick temper lazy user, directly off the page.

3, online services, online shopping experience for many people, and online exchange, commodity inventory and other details is normal, and the electronic commerce website is done in this area there is a lack of:


what did you find? Yes, there is no online contact with customer service. In this regard, Jingdong has done very well and deserves to be the leader of the electricity supplier industry.


business website mainly for the purchase of customer service, if you can not solve the user needs, it is difficult to keep the user, because he may engage in activities in your home, and your home site, but the service is not in place, may choose other platform to buy.


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