Sun do station experience novice must see

has been in touch with computers and networks for a long time. But before I just play the game to watch the news, read the news also can be regarded as a business, but to play the game what is not good, now the most in my life is not the time to play the game I was crazy game, regret being young and inexperienced…

I repent

until last summer, I do not use the Internet, so I only use factor of the network is not good, but by playing games for a living, but we have not reached that level… So I opened a small shop in Taobao, when Taobao can hardly brush reputation, such stores want to do is really too difficult, or not what improvement, keep going by painstaking effort, in which not out to show oneself…

so, one day I came into contact with a Taobao: I knew I could make some money by doing it, and then I was crazy about becoming a Taobao. There are many forms of Taobao customers, but the best way is to build their own websites, so I step by step into the construction site of the abyss. Why is the abyss, because since I contact website not met what exciting news to the webmaster, what is pornography, real name, domain name registration, Google out of such information, it hit the enthusiasm, but it still can’t kill my website enthusiasm, now I do the purpose exactly because of interest, to make money to be behind me…

but until I realized that it made a just running a website on the most simple step I made the first youmoyouyang own website, want a website to still have a long way to go. Now the network promotion has become an industry, want to put your site on the Internet business is too hard, I finally realized that the Knowledge has no limit. meaning, I will walk along this road one step walk…

said so much nonsense, let’s talk about how I don’t learn to stand today:

1. knows how to do the most popular software Dreamweaver.

2. I searched the Internet to watch a lot about Dreamweaver tutorials on the day and night.

3. in the course of my search tutorial found in some of the learning web pages of the QQ group, I added, for those who no one can really help yourself just nonsense to decisive exit group.

4. when I learned to do is not just the homepage of OK, we also need to put "space to space domain, so I apply for the domain name fw51 net means not worry, although at that time not to use but also can not spend much money, then I learned the old the domain to fame included, was really ignorant made a good thing.

5., with the depth of understanding, I also found the drawbacks of table format web pages and too many limitations

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