The ads for alimama were blocked by Baidu a five year site

            I have a set of five years website business platform, although there has been no intention to do the operation, but the amount of data is still there, the chain is also very much. Half a month before seven pm or so, suddenly blocked by Baidu. Have a nice day to hacker attacks, he said he called Baidu inside technology letter, if you want to release also money today have time to stop and think, Baidu should not be black to such an extent that inside the chaos to the technician can at any time and place the sealing station station, then in accordance with the station my current situation, it will not suddenly blocked ah, after all, many outside the chain, the contents of health, how is a business platform, and the time has been five years, and never intended to go to SEO, then what is the reason to be sealed, and Baidu recently read online Mutual ban Ali, my estimate is probably put adverstising, and takes up a lot of space, so blocked Baidu, Baidu after all day over more than 30000 IP, today I put all the advertising Ali are put down, there is no way to leave Baidu website is very sad, my website now one day less than one thousand IP, while enjoying the Ali group’s work style, but the flow of the first, for a station, it means that there is a flow of income ah, do not know Baidu will re release out, generally how long it will take, worth paying attention to


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