Enterprise website promotion is not effective reason analysis see if you have caught in the wrong

Ma Yun started full channel marketing, the traditional enterprises, is a good thing, because we do not understand the line, site, is our line but not backward channel marketing marketing, it is a seamless online and offline, we often see the scan code to pay this time ask yourself, why should these users scan the code to pay in this shop? The traditional enterprise, want to enjoy a "to pay", then the enterprise website is an important position, but in reality, many enterprises unsatisfactory effect of pushing the wide web



website promotion operation is a technology live, many enterprises are aware of the importance of website promotion, but in the way of promotion, many enterprise website promotion means is "copy", always think diving learned to swim, in fact, just to find a few ways to promote the site, it began independent operations, the results are prone to failure, which is why


is crazy about SEO optimization, and regards SEO optimization as "Bible"

SEO refers to the station optimization (such as website structure, website content, website code optimization) and station optimization (such as website promotion, website construction, website brand) to meet the requirements included in the search engine rankings, improve the keywords ranking in the search engines, in order to attract users to enter the site to get accurate. Free traffic, direct sales or brand promotion.



SEO has a very high position in the search engine, but with the rise of mobile Internet, we found that the search engine and a few years ago, the market share has declined, the case of Baidu, this year for a two outbreak of a crisis of confidence, a Baidu Post Bar commercial "hemophilia event" the other is Baidu for promotion of the "Wei Zexi incident". We look at the BAT big three, Baidu and Alibaba, Tencent, Alibaba, as of November 2016, the market value of more than $280 billion, market capitalization of Tencent 11990 billion Hong Kong dollars ($150 billion), Baidu market capitalization of 87 billion 500 million dollars, only a fraction of the Alibaba. Baidu last year to build 20 billion rice network, recently, rumors of hundreds of 10 billion yuan plan, these are in fact chasing others run, obviously, SEO optimization is very good, but the holding of this tree has suffered a "winter" obviously, the traditional enterprise website that as long as the SEO optimization is done, came to flow. The deal, this idea is too naive, not to mention your competitors are doing? If you are doing well, the average score, count their own into a few

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SEO optimization is only one of the methods of enterprise website optimization. Besides, there are many network marketing methods are also very effective, for example, >