5000 people over the cattle years Ma intended what

"recruiting 5000 people in 2009" means that by the end of the year, the human resources of the Alibaba group will increase by almost 45% on the basis of the existing size of 12 thousand people.

Alibaba group recently disclosed its expansion plan in 2009.

clearly, the helm of Ma Yun’s "cattle year" strategy, in this project shows clues.

in fact, as early as the end of last year, Ma has made the economic situation "cold by warming" prediction. Occupy the domestic import and export e-commerce major market share of Alibaba, in this advance judgment at the same time, that has begun action, seems to map out the economic environment by the rise or fall.

The reporter from the Alibaba

group human resources department, including B2B, Alipay, YAHOO, taobao.com, Ali reputation software and other Alibaba subsidiaries will be in the recruitment plan, get the corresponding ration". Among them, B2B of listed companies will share the largest share of 3000, Alipay is expected to be 500 people, taobao.com is 1000 people, Ali software and YAHOO word-of-mouth network is 300 people, 200 people from the group level.

, a staff member of Taobao’s business unit, told reporters privately: "looking at this year’s strategy, the 1000 are still hard to meet the needs of the Department."."

"on the one hand, the group can take advantage of the talents, and the sufficient capital reserves of the Alibaba should be used in this " the blade is "."." Group Human Resources Department official told reporters, "on the other hand, the employment market downturn at the moment, large-scale employment is Alibaba group social responsibility to play."."

in the market generally pessimistic circumstances, Alibaba continues to expand human resources reserves, there is a clear "grab" rebound.

It is reported that

, just past 2008, shrinking demand in the international market, China export manufacturing faces the dilemma situation, the Alibaba’s B2B business is still in the first 3 quarters of receiving 2 billion 200 million yuan income. Only third quarter total operating income of 780 million 200 thousand yuan, net profit of 308 million 600 thousand yuan, an increase of 49%. This means that the first three quarters of the net profit has doubled compared to the same period last year.

"the global recession has not affected the development of the domestic online trading market."." B2B’s chief executive, business judgment. At the same time, Alibaba group CFO Cai Chongxin also made it clear that in the next 5 years to continue to provide investment to Taobao in order to help them gain greater market share.

macro situation also confirms the Alibaba optimistic judgment. According to data provided by China Internet Information Center, as of the end of 2008, the number of Internet users in China reached 298 million, becoming the world’s largest Internet market.


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