How do you analyze the potential of a web site

, the potential of a website is very important. No promising website is always a small station, and there is no way to distribute a piece of cake on the internet. There is a webmaster recently and I complain, a few days ago, a new site without weight site and he exchange links. The weight of the site of this friend is not very high but not very low, and the other only exchange page links in the new station, of course, refused to request, and today the new site is on the upgrade, the weight and ranking are very good, let the webmaster friends. This is the best case that does not see a website and regret, can see, analysis website potential is how important to a stationmaster.

one. What is website potential,


first of all, I believe that the potential of the website is not in its search ranking and weight, but whether it can establish a good user relationship and form a stable user relationship network. The interaction between the user and the user in the website allows users to express their views on the basis of emotion and other requirements, and continuously create valuable content for the website, and promote the development of the website step by step. Users have intercourse, vanity demand, user relationship as a link can be many users stick on the website, but also to attract more users to join. For example, Renren hot, that is, because everyone can let users quickly find their own classmates, friends, so that further exchanges, but also let users stick to renren.

two. Let users walk

behind their websites

grassroots webmaster hard to force, not in the hair chain, but is when the editor". And if the user can create content for the site, then the potential for development of the site will be greatly enhanced. A person’s site is never a good site. Want to let the user carry the website to walk, so it is necessary to understand that the user is the root of the site, the user is the site’s foothold. On the other hand, the search engine is constantly evolving, so that the webmaster back to the user itself, not in the SEO cage under the forced physical labor. Users are not only content creators, but also the best, most authentic, and effective chains. The chain is entering your site through the third party website, and the user can let users friends come to your site, isn’t this better chain? Like business, if you do well, users love, will recommend my friends to do together. Each user is invisible outside the chain, and this potential "outside the chain" is the potential of the site.

three. Site positioning is fundamental to potential

does not have a good location, do not talk about the potential of the site. To make an analogy, now Sina NetEase Tencent Sohu four portal market segmentation, don’t you now do a comprehensive portal even if there is potential? The positioning of the site is a major index of site potential analysis, positioning is also profitable. Only profitable positioning is clear, the location of the site will be clear, in order to create high-quality, potential sites.

four. New ideas, but also the potential of the site