A5 version 43 guests to experience new Dz share point of finishing operation experience

forum has been one of the focus of personal Adsense, how to operate is also a key issue, good business model will have good prospects for development. Discuz! Has been one of the important platform system, community forum Discuz! System perfect for personal webmaster save a lot of time and energy, to build community becomes simple and easy to operate, to help the site to achieve a one-stop service. This afternoon, A5 version of the chat activity invited please Comsenz (Comsenz) Discuz! X1.5 product manager Du and the webmaster to share the experience of operation and product information forum discuzX1.5 version. We are also actively involved in the 0598 talent network, feel great harvest. Take some time in the evening, and your main ideas are as follows:

view 1: DZ products that are constantly functional, waiting for you to experience

released DZ version of X1.5RC yesterday, and if the test goes well, a formal version will be released in the middle. X1.5 in the forum has done a lot of operational function adjustments, such as increased business certification, content management system, management authority segmentation, etc., can reduce the cost of the operation of the webmaster function. However, the station program is not the most important, and any product is for operational services. X1.5 in the background is to close the door, groups and other functions, fully switch type, block type products, you can mix the appropriate tool for your operation. For the post tag, the webmaster can set up in the background, and the post tag will provide a better solution in the next edition. For the article ranking function, the subsequent version will be considered increasing. For repeated inclusion problems, DZ is organizing some SEO friends to analyze and solve in detail. For the defects of channel home blank, when the official version will provide a default home page, use the original DIY homepage, and so can be extended to 1.5 special programs. The authorities have produced multiple channels to view the discuz.org and see the relevant demos. And in the near future will also provide downloads, installed directly. Such as: Discuz! X1.5 wedding channel templates provide download. There are a lot of improvement of Discuz X1 to DiscuzX1.5 place, we can view the details of development of dynamic http://s.discuz.net/dev.php, here is not to describe, or download our Discuz X1.5RC version of the experience you can know.

Discuz! X R & D has always been to the performance and load as the core point of consideration, and strong support in the new framework, become the first product level data table support multi service deployment, so the database server extensions are built; such as Memcache, eAccelerator, Xcache and other sets of memory optimization into native support; all kinds of caching mechanism at the same time, the original multi module update anti downtime mechanism, through the process of locking keep single cache update; and the previous product which is easy to appear.