Electricity supplier operators need to dig in depth seize the opportunity

the rapid development of electronic business, more and more people are accustomed to shopping on the Internet, so there is a large number of people have the influx of business industry, but how talent shows itself from the electricity supplier industry will need to dig it, grasp the opportunity. What are the points summarized here?.

one, publicity should go deep into

whether you do shopping malls or shops or shopping guide, you should do propaganda work, do a good job in publicity, so that consumers know your platform, understand your platform, and this is what everyone has been trying to study the topic. There are abundant fund companies can put a lot of advertising this needless to say, no money for a large number of advertising, the current mainstream transmission channel has announced the search engine optimization, micro-blog, WeChat, forums, micro Amoy and other mobile phone applications and so on. No matter what kind of publicity, we should go deep into it. It’s certainly not possible to do only a superficial effort. The market is like a battlefield, and we can’t have good harvest without working hard. Also real-time understanding of the latest news of the Internet, the electricity supplier itself is based on the existence of the Internet, whether from a business point of view or propaganda point of view, we should hold the latest directions of the internet.

two, carefully mining good products

do propaganda work to drain consumers to their own platform, it has been successfully half, why half of the success, consumers just see the platform, has not yet purchased. To allow consumers to consume through the platform, then the platform will have enough of the goods attractive. If the goods on our platform are higher than other people’s prices, the quality is low, and no other people’s goods are fashionable and applicable, consumers will certainly not be willing to buy them. In this way, the conversion rate will be very low, and only careful exploration of good products will improve the conversion rate, and consumers have introduced the flow.

three, good faith business,

a lot of people will play "integrity" slogan, how much can be done, and why not say so?. It is worth pondering, first "integrity" is to attract people like you, we all love and integrity of the business of doing business, while others use these two words to attract others to faith then do not integrity, they think he is clever, is not known to be clever to be clever, do not say honesty and integrity, not caused more influence than bad. Is the need to get consumer business support to be able to grow up, do not do business integrity will not be very good to protect the interests of consumers, nor get consumer support, to establish a good brand influence is not possible, at best, a negative brand tree stand still can. Haier’s success is really good after-sale. Therefore, good faith to do business, protect the rights and interests of consumers is the most important, in order to lay a good foundation, no matter what the wind and waves on the Internet can be very good response.

four, a timely understanding of the consumer concerns

consumers’ minds are constantly changing, >