How many preparations should be made before making a web site

today is Sunday, I would like to give myself a day off, take a rest, think back to do promotion, adhere to, every day a paste, do not see the effect, never turn back. There must be XuSanDuo and never give up spirit.

today, I’d like to say something to my friends who would like to launch the Internet. What are the feelings of the station and what points I should pay attention to?.

one, interest climax,

why interest is the first step in making a station? First of all, I feel a person’s interest, love plays a key role in a person’s success. Just like when we were young, what parents do for us every time we are not understood, not love, let us do something good for its own thing we even do not want to, because of our good things, we are not love things, so if you do effect not good. Just like in the life, a person lets you do a thing, you originally are not willing, in the mind to this matter particularly repugnant, then asks, you can do it well, how the effect that?. Do not see what is popular, what to do, the general competitive hot industry is relatively large, the threshold is relatively high, to spend time, energy, money too much, not suitable for primary webmaster to do, unless you can get to the tens of millions of investment is not a problem.

if you are happy and tireless in what you do every day, then you can make money and start your own business. Why don’t we choose what we like to do and start


two, look at the market climax,

don’t one day be inspired, I feel that the market is promising, that is great, we decided to do this, don’t feel that you can do by netizens love and acceptance, without any verification of target market things may not be correct. If you see this industry, feel good prospects, then you must do a self brainstorming and detailed market survey, transposition think users of thoughts and feelings, to the next will appear a series of problems, don’t wait until problems arise when the beginning of why I accidentally said that. For example: the Ministry of health put forward prevention as the main combination of prevention and control, why not combine prevention and control in front of that, we can imagine that if we do a good job of prevention, the latter may reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

should identify the market research, what the target market needs, users think think, users would like to think. What’s the problem and what trouble can be solved by your interests, hobbies and abilities, then your second steps have been basically completed.

three, technology climax,

technology is the basic of all, even if you find your target market through interest, then the next step is technology, do not do the same on the site in the back of something less toil, and next time back point is good, but the technology is not the same, is accumulated in a long period and learning, good technology people always stand out. Technology is within a web site