Close integration with the community is the key to expanding the influence of the local gateway

casually Internet continues to develop, the role of the community in the Web2.0 era, more and more attention by the industry. And the growing popularity of the Internet and computer hardware, as well as the localization of Internet information trends, local portals have sprung up in China’s major small and medium-sized cities. Local users visit Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other large portals less and less time, while more time spent browsing the local portal, access to their own lives closely related to local information. Also, the local community is gradually growing up and development of Hangzhou, the 19 floor, Changzhou long lane, Jiangsu Xici, the local community is likely to challenge in the future and the world, create a more influential brand community. Local users demand led to the development of local sites, and the development of local sites and to further explore the local Internet users demand, provide more comprehensive information and communication platform for local users.

now has this trend, local portal integration development community gradually popular, the West Temple, long lane, 19 floor is not only the portal and community, portal and community division is different, different, but complementary functions, closely integrated, so as to promote the development of local information. It also brings new experience and interaction to local netizens. How to combine the portal with the community better and more closely becomes the key to the development of the local gateway community. Adsense nets satisfied think community portal integration is the inevitable trend of future development of the local community website, no local portal can be called a perfect local portal, not closely integrated with the community portal also can better expand their influence and play the function of the portal. Only by working closely with the community and complementing each other can we develop for a long time. And the community from the portal, but also will lose many users, can not exceed the higher level of development. What are the advantages of the combination of the portal and the community?.

complementary advantages

if the role of the gateway is mainly to provide news and information, then the role of the community forum is mainly to provide a platform for communication. Different positioning, division of labor is also different, but they can complement each other directly. A local user portal to provide all kinds of information needed and occurred in the life of the real news, and when users read these very want to find a platform to exchange ideas of news and information, provides such a platform in the community of users, users can not only browse the portal in the community can speak freely. At the same time the community forum also plays a role for local users to solve problems, not on the portal and things can get in the community, and the community in the play to their role and consolidate the users, improve the user loyalty and viscosity.

attracts users

to promote access to traffic is not enough for both the portal and the community. More users are attracted to each other through portals and communities, sometimes more effectively than promotion. Some users know the portal home because of the forum, while others browse the portal home page to visit