A 5 year Amoy people complain it is important to choose the right products

before 2012, Ali’s mother is many people Wangzhuan paradise, with many new regulations in 2013 2014, Ali’s mother, many Taobao customers who have transformation, then the transformation of the way where? Here with a small series of Taobao customer experience and the transformation of the way for everyone to refer to a road to.

how do I set foot on this road


I am a rural grass root, origin, there is no doubt that the young have a rich dream, left his hometown after graduating from high school to work out at that time (especially Internet chat with QQ games) are already popular in network, but I have no contact, can be said to the network is a complete "white".

left home looking for work, into a manufacturing enterprise work, flat work, flat life, a year’s time has gone quietly.

with the increase of age, experience increases, the importance of money are also more and more by working experience, the death of wages can not meet their needs, a chance (2011 National Day, holiday seven days), search Wangzhuan in Baidu, have a preliminary understanding of a large the Taobao method Wangzhuan guest seo.

with the bright prospect of vision, in the National Day period to sign up a name for the SEO training, have a certain understanding of the site, SEO and Taobao, so he purchased the domain name, space, began his Taobao off road (at that time doing is a gift the Taobao guest website, because there is a Red Palace site is very famous, the owner of this web site is a gift Taobao guest website, that time just learning and thinking is not open, can only follow the trend, of course), there is still inevitably bumps.

has a ranking and is starting to make a profit,

Optimization of SEO

that time is very simple, only need to update the contents, the station in point based (robots, site map, breadcrumb navigation etc.), more is the construction of the chain, so that it is crazy hair the chain, each big forum is full of footsteps outside the chain. Pays off, second years (January 2012), the site began to flow, slowly with the order, be able to profit.

looking for good products and looking for more profitable

: after the first sites have ranked their ability to profit, SEO also has some improvement for the choice of keywords, the choice of products produced some preliminary concepts, this time for this kind of gift Taobao website guest had some shake: industry is too large, keywords are too broad to follow is Taobao customers to promote the product is not good, which leads to order conversion rate is not high, affect the final profit. The WordPress program itself is used (useful JS calls have another program), basically the key to the home page