An optimized program for a friend website

because the site temporarily has not been included in Baidu, if want to site traffic, first must be Baidu included. Because in China, most of them are still made of Baidu. So, the first part of the task is to let the site as soon as possible included Baidu.

let Baidu included process

1 goes to the Baidu login portal to submit to the website

2 exchange two links

3 go to Baidu know and stick to send a few posts, and add Web site in which

4 go to a more popular forum, publish a few articles, and bring a link.

5 keeps updating websites every day, and it’s better to have original articles, because search engines like original stuff. If all published articles are collected, the effect is very small.

generally in Baidu submitted two weeks or so will be Baidu included. Baidu included after the task is to quickly increase the flow of the site.

site to optimize the key word is "mental disorder", "insomnia", "depression", in Baidu search found keyword "insomnia" and "depression" home page is Baidu promotion. Only "mental disorders" were promoted in the fourth place. So these key words are very difficult. It’s not easy to display in front of Baidu. Only through the relevant words to flow up. The basic choice of keyword strategy is to select words that are often searched by Internet users. Stand up to your target audience to consider the problem. For example, if we want to build a website for a ski resort, I won’t define the keyword as "skiing" or "snowboarding". Such words are too common and there will be thousands of competing websites. Our target group is those people who love skiing, skiing, really want specific visitors not enter such search terms, they will enter the vocabulary may be "ski", "skiing holiday discount coupons or choose some limited words such as" Harbin ski "etc.. So now we want to optimize the keywords can not choose "insomnia", "depression", "mental disorders" and other hot words. Because people who really search for these words are not necessarily real customers. And these words are for home sales promotion. It’s hard to do rankings. We can choose "how to treat mental disorders", "how to treat insomnia", "what should the insomniacs eat?" "how can depression be treated?" and so on.

keyword selection, and every day to publish some original articles, the title of the article, we can choose the above keywords. Around these words, a large number of articles published every day.

every day there are new things on the web, spiders will come, climb their own station every day, and develop a habit, come to your station every day. The initial publication of the site may not be easily included Baidu, if not included, traffic will have no way to speak of. But as long as you insist on updating your website, time >