mprove the website P method section

to improve the website IP method chapter, I have an absolutely novel traffic method, no cost, not hang QQ, not for bidding,

doesn’t go to any forums, chat rooms, Baidu knows, lead people in,

is not doing N stations, blogs and the like, and then do the connection, that will only be exhausted

my simple operation is not tired, the effect is very good, one and a half hours, this half hour is not hard work, high quality IP more than 5000 Paul you every day,

does this for 10 days to bring 1000IP traffic per day from search engines,

, this is 10 days later,

no longer does what I do. Just put the station there, 1000IP, and it’s high quality, if you like,

you can do it 2 hours a day for 3 hours, and that’s all in direct proportion,

the most important thing is, 10 days later, you can do nothing, go fishing, put the station there, search engines naturally have a pile of IP, come

I can provide a free Firefox station and use this station to do about $10 a day,

attention, this is not the minimum income, is to give you the test, so that some friends have traffic, do not know how to use,

with traffic, you take what you can do, advertising, search, registration, ha ha, what earn


method is that, you know the laggards BBS is concentrated China webmaster, there one day a N owners to sell their own website advertising, because many webmaster, so competition, advertising prices are very low. Then you go to the two station, one is a lot of traffic, a type of PR is high, then you and the webmaster contact, tell them you are going to put in their station monthly advertising, these owners will generally receive you well, then you have to talk to him, it depends on the individual skill.

then, after a conversation, you can tell him, first put on a day, but do not give money, think the effect is good, on the pay, I think the general is called a day after the webmaster removed,

this stationmaster usually agrees. And you won’t buy it at all, and you’ll get rid of it a day later when you say it’s not working well. Use is leveraging.

There are two kinds of

advertising, one is text, the other is pictures, and two kinds of advertisements are very useful. Text ads is easy to search engine, you generally in a day more than IP1W station, put the text ads, you stand a day will be included; picture advertisement price is high, the search engine is not good included, so why do it? Because the picture advertisements can attract eyeball, can be put directly to the station from your advertisement to your station, so that the flow of the day is very rich.

has been tested: a day at 5W IP station, wide text >