How to build your own website team

has never thought of having a team of his own, whether working or doing a website, I have no experience in building a team. Since the construction of the "Jieyang home life" to the network, keenly aware of the process from scratch, which to me, is indeed an important experience! So my team is how to set up it? Please allow my article with a little AD, because only in this way can I have the power to write down


I am also a veteran of the experience of building a site, the earliest to do station history can be traced back to 06 years. Over the past few years, because of part-time work, has not been how to go deep into the study of how to do a good job in the site, so do stand level is very general. In early 09, I no longer endure the pain of working, bite my teeth, resign home, ready to do a year of serious web site.

my home is in a remote rural area of Jieyang. As a result of the construction of Chaoshan airport, our village has the opportunity to move to the airport accommodation area near the town. It’s convenient for me, because it’s easier to pull the cable. But after all, rural conservative thought, think that college students do not earn money, returned to the countryside to stink. Over the village much as can be imagined my groundless talk, pressure is


at first, my idea of doing the station is simple, to support the previous year’s "Ping An insurance together" continue to do so, to create a well-known industry insurance financial network, with a view to better development. Did not do a few days, I go home to do the news of website, spread in the mouth of local friends. So, friends often drop in to chat. Because friends are young, too many people stay in the country for a long time. They want to find something else to do. I came back, no doubt give them a glimmer of hope, in the chat, I feel they want to start innovative business passion!


‘s chat with friends excited my enthusiasm for being a local web site. This idea I learned in the beginning of the site, but at that time to do the station technology is really too much food, do a portal site simply can not cope with, so has been doing garbage station. Now, I have a certain basis for doing the station, coupled with the enthusiasm of my friends, I finally turned to the local site.

do a local website, with the power of one person to do basically does not work, even if I want to be able to do it, people will be tired to death! How to build a team to provide assistance to the website at the beginning of the operation? I look into these friends the body, they have such characteristics: first, in the local teaching, more spare time; two, wages are not high, only life, hopes to increase income by other means; three, intellectuals, have some basic network. If you cooperate with them, the initial promotion of the website will not be a big problem.

with this idea, take it with my friends say, we hit it off! We put the name of the site named "Jieyang home life".

but managing a team is not what you think it is