How do make a profit through the website

I am a small webmaster, why say small, because my website is a small small website, day IP is not much, PR is not high…… Is not nonsense, straight to the point. First of all, I made a "professional web site Daquan", also known as "net gold family", Baidu once saw. This website has not been very successful, but it has accumulated some experience for me. Then I think, now navigation website too many people, how can’t do too much hao123?. Of course, I just want to Dangdang webmaster, have fun, and not really want to rely on this big fortune.

and then I think, it’s going to take too much effort to do this kind of navigation, portals, communities and other websites, and it’s hard to succeed without money. So I thought of my old line. I was a designer, not even on the top, but the logo was similar to that of Chen Youjian…… Why do not I do a graphic design service network? So I searched the "Chinese graphic design service network", ha ha, not yet. So I spent three months, please help me get backstage, and made my new website "Chinese graphic design service network". Similarly, we Baidu, "China graphic design service network" will be able to see.

site is ready, although it is China’s first, but also have to promote ah, how can I promote it?. I think NNNN kinds of promotion methods, all feel not very ideal. Finally, I think of a man whose name is Ma Yun. Why Ma,


Ma Yun, he is not a Alibaba? Not many enterprises Alibaba? Those enterprises is not my customers? I have registered in the Alibaba, Download Ali Wangwang back, send free ads every day in the above. A week went by and it seemed that several people had visited my website. I don’t care who’s been here. I’ve just got someone to find me through my website. Another week passed, but no one was still there.

so I think, why people come to website, but no one looking for my design? Repeatedly see my website, found that there are many shortcomings, my website current revision, which not good things, change, remove excess stuff. I don’t know what the website is a layman, like SEO, but I am a designer, I only know the visual habits of the people, they come to my website and see what would be there for me. And a bad impression, of course, will not find my design. Besides, a business type web site, SEO doesn’t seem to be the most important.

After revision

spent a week, and ran to the fart fart epilepsy with Alibaba to send advertising, finally, that what, received the first business is to design a corporate logo, my happy, happy that they met. Then, I of course is a professional first-class design and considerate service so that customers are very satisfied, even the treasure, he also joked that "the plan to hire a graphic design, it seems no, you save me this flat.