Google Adwords bid optimization experience sharing

Adwords optimization, if you write advertising excluded, I think the most important, the simplest, but also the most effective way is to bid.

if you want to get good quality points, good advertising results, the most important experience I get is the high price at the beginning.

if a keyword you have is 2 dollars, then your ad is just on the line, and it’s 3-5 or higher.

Why did

do that?


, Google advertising is a historical record of account of this factor, the new account when no record, quality scores are generally fixed, but your competitors may have put in for a long time, high enough quality have been accumulated.

you at this time in order to get a good quality, in addition to advertising write the temptation to let people have the desire to improve click click rate, only raise the bid to get more engaged in the advertising ranking way, ranked 2, occupy first, click rate is naturally high, so you advertising click prices may start price will be relatively high, but you will find the most persistent 3-4 day of your ad Click price will decline, and the ranking may have been basically stable before qualifying, and then slowly cut prices, as long as the amplitude is too great, the basic ranking will be stable at the table.

, as I did for a friend’s office supplies ads, one is the beginning of a high price, basically ranked on the left of the top 3, and click on the price, never more than 1.5 yuan, every click.

and another friend, because of a low starting bid a few cents, the beginning did not get a good ranking for some time for us after a month to spend nearly $800 in advertising, a keyword as a starting bid, the higher one account. Every click, only about 1.2, ranking in between 2-3. The starting bid for that account, each click to more than 3, ranking only 4-6. That’s an exaggeration.

Fortunately, when

of the Spring Festival, advertising paused, late Spring Festival, while we have not come back, when advertising competition, I seize the favorable fighters, advertising, keywords, bid and so on had a major operation, only less than a week’s time, finally normal advertising, etc. we all come back, the brothers also have normal advertising, also is not afraid of competition.

suffered losses that is not good, so we do when the new Adwords ads, do not be afraid of the bid, the first Monday of the new advertising, buy quality parts and the beginning of the appropriate high prices can save a lot of money for you in the future.

welcome to exchange.

this article first appeared in Fan Shiwu’s search engine marketing blog, which is Fan Shiwu’s original work in combat