Learning is important in the process of building a new station

I started doing websites from 2006, when I wanted to make money. I only made a static page. I used free space. I started using various tools to brush the flow, brush the window, and played for a while.

finally earned a little money, decided to really get a station to play, anyway, the money is to brush the pop-up, and made a QQ class website. But few people know, and not good at publicity, so the site has been no traffic, and finally gave up. Later, I thought why I was so hard to get, but it is less than a few days IP results:

one, no theme:

this home all know, no theme is equivalent to the nature of the site, not sure, what site is not, so no one will go. At first, my website was a bit of a theme.

two, no content:

when I make my website’s theme is "QQ" when they found that their website content is too little, so even if there are a few people to see the site, after the discovery of what are not, they are less likely to go to the end.

three, no innovation:

I made a lot of content on the web, some original, some pseudo original (that is, copy others then something), but the content is still not many people go, why? Because there are too many such sites, and their technology is not high, of course not. The.

four, inexperienced:

this is a summary of all of the above, all failures, not because they are not enough to adhere to, not enough effort, but because they have no experience. But now something has come true, and that’s a good thing, too.

said so much just want to tell you, although the program to put in to build a space station, but this is only equal to the painter to brush and paper, wanted to build a stand like painting to learn Jianzhan knowledge, presumably came to ADMIN5 are more skilled, but some are novice, whether novice or veteran, give suggestions for you:

wants to know why the site in the website before, if only to learn it to learn web technology (such as "), but the most personal webmaster is using someone else’s program, so we have to do the best to websites such as ADMIN5 learning, learning about" do "knowledge now, I am learning in.

finally remind you that one: the site not only need to invest, still need some knowledge, now the site of http://s.baifans.com, please exhibitions, change their CSS spent a lot of effort, money is not so easy to make.

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