Hospital network consulting how to analyze and judge customers

recently encountered some problems, the Advisory departments and marketing departments uncoordinated, the two sides accused each other:

we brought traffic, why has the consultation volume been down


what kind of traffic do you bring? You don’t even have to call.

, that’s your consultant’s problem. Why can’t you keep users?

fundamentally, your traffic is not the target user,



because of my contact with the consultants more, but also for the consulting department understand that some consultant told me that: the user’s intention is not clear, East pull West asked that question, we asked the confused, can not find the key point, confused, we do not know whether to explain the user clearly, users may be more confused, until the last possible one has the intention of the user will be lost.

first of all, we need to know what the user is coming to our website and asking for,

users come to our website and form advice, nothing more than two purposes,

1, there is a demand, but not clear, I want to know some specific knowledge and information about my needs.

2, there is demand, and very clear, but I have some concerns, I hope to be able to get answers, and give me some confidence in surgery.

recognize the purpose of the user, we can have the purpose of determining the user and the corresponding advisory services. This article begins with the reception user, decomposes the steps of reception users and analyzes the key points of each link.

The 2 steps for

consultants to receive users

1, analyze the source of the user

There are several classification

keywords, in my "plastic surgery hospital, hold the patient’s heart" in an article, there have been some analysis, in fact, the intention of the user has been reflected in the keyword sources.

word of mouth effect, including the input name URL or search directly into the hospital, this is our most valued, often this kind of users have more development value, the first user is already agreed with our brand, this user’s purpose is: direct access, finding solutions to demand scheme.


chain to enter, to follow the chain, the chain of content (blogs, forums and so on) must have some content lead user interest, will be able to enter our website, but users also want the site or consultant can provide some solutions.

2 analyzes user landing pages and requirements


users enter the website, the landing page is? For visitors dialogue after accessing several pages for visitors? Dialogue page is which? Consultant actually need to access track user tracking users know.