A junior high school student’s miracle of online business from zero to millions

, who was 23 years old, bought a house of his own in the gold and gold section of Shenzhen!


is 23 years old, some young people and college life some people enjoy the ideal setting for a couple in love, still looking for direction, but some people have become a leader in the field of "Huang Xinwei, founder of youth entrepreneurship network" is the latter.

is 25 years old, he finished from zero to millions across, eat China business opportunities portals in Shenzhen over this land crabs, create a China largest business information portal website: "opportunities for youth entrepreneurship network". Why he can in just a few years without a high school, never went to university, even the English are very bad, make ordinary people seem to need a high degree to complete what the successful operation of the business opportunities China portal: "youth business network

, let’s unveil the code of success for the average young man,


in 2001, he was 17 years old, when his junior high school was forced to end. He has a very strong logical thinking ability, but he is partial. Mathematics and physics examination is often full marks, but unfortunately, Chinese and English scores in general, so missed the key high school learning opportunities. Not admitted to the key high school he every day at home alone when he was bored, want to go to the outside world and try to make a career! His father is a very open-minded person, well aware of this in the mind of a child in the countryside "facing loess back into the air, soil hold gold repair the earth life waste materials but not go out! The ball is not, can only do physical work! His father asked around, finally decided to send him to a Wuhan computer training school, graphic design, the requirements of professional threshold is relatively low, and it is also the home affordable!

decided after that, his parents sent him to the railway station. The way father is worried about a child, not himself, repeatedly told him to Study hard, not fun, all the family savings have to pay tuition, not as if the Da Shuipiao money. He solemnly promised his father that "child to a native, not famous oath not to have


with the long train, he embarked on a study of the journey, and his life is changed. 14 months of hard work, to become China’s network leader in the future laid a solid foundation.

went to the training school, he was fascinated by the Internet, and also liked to read some books on inspirational aspects of success. A time to collect some success in online learning of the message, but he found that provide this information website not only and are not comprehensive, collected is very slow, and some for a fee, this will give people want to start causing very inconvenient. At that time, China was in the golden age of reform and opening up, and many large state-owned enterprises were moving towards privatization. The term "entrepreneurship" was already very popular on the Chinese internet. His thoughts were: "> >