Advertisers drop back meaning video site test

Zhang Zhaoyang and Lv Wensheng Sohu excited net in Shanghai only once, hit it off to plan the national 110 party copyright "anti piracy alliance", and launched a 100 million yuan price action on the video site Youku drama. The first reaction to the drama is likely to be the advertiser and the Internet video site saying goodbye.

Advertising Association issued a warning, carefully posted video site

controversy over copyright in online video is not new and has been heard in recent years. But this time it has become the focus of the industry, and it has nothing to do with advertisers being implicated.

yesterday, the drama director, one of the excitement of the network chairman Lv Wensheng interview with reporters made it clear that: "entangled in what exactly is 50 million yuan, or one hundred million, does not make any sense.". The key is the video industry "Yishifumu" advertisers have begun to withdraw. If you don’t do it, the future of this industry will be even worse than today’s digital music industry."

Lv Wensheng said, on the same day China network video anti piracy alliance, China 4A Advertising Association has 41 members of a letter to remind members of advertising in the video site must be vigilant, and requires all members to support this activity. Although there is no direct indication of "no" to the video sharing site, the warning has been strong.

The members of

4A advertising cover almost all of China’s large advertising companies, which account for 80% of China’s advertising. This means that the biggest source of revenue for Internet video has begun to be cautious.

, if 4A’s circular reminder is only a sign that advertisers are hesitant to place ads on video sites, the coming wave of litigation will be the most direct force for advertising to retreat.

advertisers become defendants, more and more cases,

actually, putting ads on Internet video has become a risky business". There are more and more lawsuits involving advertisers, including the Coca-Cola and Pepsi brands in the anti piracy coalition.

in July this year, the copyright of music as net sued thunder video infringement, thunder in the proceedings at the same time, LETV party also prepared to advertise in the prosecution of alleged infringement on video advertising, but finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. It seems the so-called "first sued advertisers" case is saved, not what sparked waves.

but Yao Kefeng, an intellectual property lawyer, told reporters that there was no prosecution because of the settlement of the advertiser. According to Yao Kefeng revealed that there are a number of copyright parties ready to sue advertisers case, but advertisers are active demands for reconciliation. Although the names of the advertisers are not disclosed, "there are also very famous international automobile companies." Yao Kefeng stressed to reporters.

video industry revenue by the impact of


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