Grassroots webmaster if you do a classified information station

with the growing demand for advertising, classified information stations are becoming more and more fire, and do more and more people. At present, the domestic classified information stations have go to market nets, people nets, etc., but for our grassroots webmaster, it is impossible to make so big at once, if you start from a small station,


I think we can proceed from the following points: take the Guangzhou territory as an example to illustrate:

1, information localization as a breakthrough, a little developed cities, many people need to find a house, rent a house, find a job, classified information stations can take this as a breakthrough, focusing on the release of rental information.

2, if you choose classified information procedures, there is no good classification of domestic information procedures, there is an ocean classification information, and 163K do more professional, but these are for money, for

the majority of our small webmaster, this situation is not Chinese, I only more familiar to DEDECMS, so DEDECMS was chosen as the site of the DEDECMS program, powerful, can be extended to many modules, such as: rent module, you can define the new model field. The most important thing is free. Select the program and choose a good template, after comparing several 163K station is a good template, so take the time to copy down, the site officially launched.

A generalized

left 3, on the line, in fact you are not how to promote, as long as you stand Baidu included, people will take the initiative to find your site, because now to advertisers is too much, in fact I of this article is to advertise, ha ha. Anyway if you want to promote it first to submit your station to be included after the general search engine, every day someone to send advertising, but these ads with the TV shopping as sick, this will make the quality of your station is not to improve the website, to improve the quality to users what information needs what kind of, you will find what kind of people, for the majority of graduates to find a job, rent is an indispensable part in the local students through their QQ signatures to let more friends know you this station. Secondly, in the mobile population densely populated places to put some advertising, but also can bring a lot of traffic. The last one is to build a few more groups, hold some parties and interact with each other, and the popularity will slowly come up.

4, psoriasis propaganda and propaganda: to the major Forum blog post, do not be afraid of being deleted, people are long meat, there are always owners do not have the heart to destroy the seedlings.

5, and finally hope wide webmaster do classification information station has breakthrough, if need site template (, please contact QQ:284709914.