Did you use the long tail theory

marketing people know the famous long tail theory, in brief, the long tail theory refers to when goods, circulation. Show space and channel wide enough, the production costs of goods fell sharply, so that each can be produced, and the cost of sales of goods declined sharply, almost any previously seemingly low demand products, as long as there are people who sell someone will buy, the total sales of these products is not high demand and sales add up to the hot product sales volume and be roughly the same. In fact, website is the same, we can not do a strong competitive ability, we are going to do seemingly unpopular, but there is a demand of the site, do not look at small demand, we can open the big market as well. Because the most popular are very competitive, very strong people are doing, it is difficult for us to stand firm in this line. So sometimes we must grasp the long tail theory.

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long tail theory for some webmaster, marketing personnel have great impact, I feel that we can consider the following aspects of their long tail market.

one, looking for their long tail market,

long tail market refers to a small target market, to meet some of the specific needs of consumers. In this world every day there are tens of thousands of information, when we have our goals, we can look at the long tail set into law is that part of a long tail, we did not have the strength to expand the market, but we can control the market, as long as a kind of people can do amazing profit. If you have strong capital. Yes, and at the top of the site, if you’re an individual, or from a small company, you can think about it from the long tail.

two, keyword selection,

people who do search engine optimization know, keyword selection, optimize any site, the first step must be done. Select keywords when the principle is to find some conversion rate, targeted key words. This is the so-called law of long words.

For example

keyword, you need to do to make friends all know, the word dating is better, but the person standing for direct money to do changmen or expense, if you can be reduced to what the friends, or the city of friends, you think if there is a city dating. Can find your website, so the 80% of you will become a member of the. Because they are the long tail part, their conversion rate is also very high, they are you find the target customer directly, wait for you to become bigger and stronger, and can make friends, keywords can also.

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