Analysis of how to use micro blog to brand building online shop


fast communication function for many professional marketing personnel, some time ago, Zhao Zhenzhi be struck dumb, dispute, micro-blog played a role, and even a lot of famous movie stars have to shut down micro-blog, this is due to the rapid spread of micro-blog’s share of a lot of people did not expect, eventually because of their own in the comments on the error, cause to take the initiative to close the micro-blog Public clamor can melt metals., facing the embarrassment of


is an important role in the dissemination of micro-blog, has now become an important means of many professionals of network marketing, now there are many shop or enterprise by micro-blog to create its own brand, but it can really still a few success, after all, as the new micro-blog marketing, a lot of people do not know how to maximize the potential of micro-blog marketing, even because of improper marketing of micro-blog, micro-blog also let his face the risk of closure, so to master the correct micro-blog marketing is very important, I think, want to shape the brand shop through micro-blog marketing, it should do the following four key elements of


1: to create the official image of online micro-blog

people rely on clothes horse saddle, with a wealthy boss even wearing a copycat Pierre Cardin, believe others will think that it is genuine, on the contrary, if a beggar suddenly one day for Adidas, then people have to despise the eyes, think that this brand is certainly copycat, the general psychological is the consumer, so the official shop to create brand image, generate a strong confidence, enhance their brand image


then for a shop the official micro-blog brand image to create? First of all to the shop’s flagship product for the official name, especially those shop direct selling enterprises, can be directly used their own brand name micro-blog shop, then upload the enterprise LOGO logo, and the official introduction on enterprise and shop micro-blog, the domain name and domain name should also shop shop now with two level domain name can be changed, do not use Taobao’s own shop digital model, and enterprises should be the combination of brand shop or domain name, so you can look more professional.

two: Shop official micro-blog content should be serious and easy to alternate

For the official micro-blog

shop, can not because it is the official, on the day the board face stiff with a serious tone to release micro-blog content, must be serious and lively reflect each other before, micro-blog can use the serious content of enterprise or the owner of the shop to release, let everyone know the characteristics of authority and above suspicion doubt these contents, but micro-blog content like this often is not conducive to the spread of the brand, so the role is not great


they need through lively content to attract fans reproduced, such as through the waiter’s identity in terms of a brand shop about his jokes, or very interesting pictures and so on, believe.