Domain name typical textbook a name difference of twists and turns

The role of

in the domain of the website, is often a "multiplier" effect, so that the good domain is the dream of many people, the local terminal in the choice of domain name often will choose a representative website and can be conducive to the promotion of.Com,.Cn domain name, of course, because of the existence of other factors, not all applications the terminal can be registered to the relevant domain name, the domain name can be traded, more and more terminal realized this good domain name registration, domain name investors, can bring some opportunities.

recently, mumayi community buying the three spell domain name, and officially launched mumayi market launch electronic application website, the original domain name retains access, the author inquiries related information,.Cn,.Cc,.Org,.Tv and other suffixes are held, wood ants of the acquisition of the domain name is after the multi-party negotiations lasted for many years before the success of the repurchase.Com domain name, so hard to move, that is very important for mumayi com international domain name, but also reflects a problem, lack of mumayi behind a domain name strategy, as more users familiar with the.Com domain name, the domain name after mumayi display strategy, the domain of influence is not enough attention.

this is currently the site of many problems, not only in the choice of the domain name suffix, including domain name portfolio, in addition to Pinyin alphabets, numbers, or digital domain name, the domain name of the website of some combination of more confusion, bad memory. Even, some websites choose some.Cc, such as the.Cm suffix, the suffix weights in the search engine keywords are often behind, is not conducive to the website is collected and search, otherwise good website, but also because of the domain name becomes less effective".

home once also use net domain name of the company is a member of the association’s China auto rental network, the original domain name is, not only is not easy to remember, and can easily be mistaken for other sites, but car rental network timely acquisition of domain, finally make up a deficiency before the domain name strategy.

in addition, there is a cause of concern to the industry’s acquisition of COM international domain name suffix case, PPLive to 1 million 800 thousand yuan high acquisition of the domain name, PPLive has previously used TV suffixes as the official domain name, the domain name is limited to video website behavior, is not conducive to the expansion of business and the popularity of the website promotion, since the memory enabled domain name after not only enormous traffic for PPLive, but also indirectly to do some website promotion and publicity.

of course, in addition to the.Com domain name, domain name domain name of CN enabled and trading is supporting the main market, such as the recent Fang Xingdong’s global network acquisition abbreviation short domain name, with.CN suffix >