Local websites should follow the road of their own characteristic development


has recently sold bulk links on its Web site, and some local websites are under the banner of local news networks in order to boost their business. These websites, from the site optimization degree and soft Wen yield point of view, the overall fairly good, but in the website ranking is very deficient, the website weight can be ignored. See these stationmaster for small profit, sell the website that just built up oneself, psychology is regrettable really. Now, write about your friends, establish regional news network experience, hoping to give short-sighted novice Adsense a revelation, cherish their work achievements.

1. local news network competition, new sites based on difficult

, because of the huge potential of local news websites, has attracted Internet giants to fight in this area, and there has been a leader in every place. These giants often use local news network to expand their flow, and then choose the flow to do the Forum on the website, such as advertising, the profit pattern of diversity, avoid hanging in a tree. In the middle of these giants, the most representative of the number of Tencent, the pop-up window to get traffic has been very impressive, but still not satisfied with this, try to obtain the considerable traffic in the web experience, mainly in the web link efforts, combined with the forum and blog, open the innovation of "profit pattern.

and local website, in fact, is also very much, is that my local website, Hunan news network, the Yangtze River Network and other old sites, they design although lack of features, give people a dull feeling, even the program design is not good, but the weights are high under also; some of the new school site: for example Changsha broadcasting network, the newspaper group, the station for a long time, the amount of information is large, is also in line with the times consciousness, become a major release of local information resources, popularity is very considerable.

How does

2. station live on local news


intensity above already mentioned, small webmaster how to survive in this environment? The most profitable thinking still located in the information collection, that the greater the amount of information, the profit is very impressive. Can the rapid progress in information acquisition and pseudo original technology now, and what has not included acquisition problems, plus some external links, traffic can be slightly increased, but the profit pattern of profit in the information age to now? Perhaps the webmaster of his heart is a spectrum, also know that this is an outdated mode of profit the. Now let’s talk about a successful case.

a small webmaster, by doing their own content of the website, take a substantial step forward. The content of the site is used to create photo news + local novelty + street news, these are eye-catching things, even if you are a reprint of others, or can the very good popularity, some websites are dedicated to do similar work plus reprint, write simple comments you can. >.