LOGO site planning of the silver key website promotion of gold signs

After a long period of mental arrangement and planning,

finally decided to start the construction of the network. The first step to starting the site is definitely positioning me on the design of the site LOGO, which has just been finalized. This step to come, too deep, and share with you.

first, the core of all my experience is "LOGO: the silver key of website planning, the golden signboard of website promotion"". The experience comes from what I understand about the importance of LOGO to a website.

and LOGO on the importance of the site in the end to what extent, I believe that many webmaster and even long-term experience of the Internet non webmaster people are deeply touched. My summary is: in a website, LOGO has played its two unique role.

first: links to other websites.

in the "Internet" industry, how can the lack of its "Internet" role?. LOGO – a graphical form, especially the dynamic LOGO, is especially important in the age of eye catching.

second: as the website’s eyes".

celebrities wear name card, line also has its name card, that is LOGO. It is an important embodiment of the image of the site, the site of the soul, which is a good website "dotting".

in view of the above, fully explained the LOGO choice, the difficulty coefficient is indeed very big. For me positioning in the "Webmaster Help Center", the face of the group is the Webmaster Station, help network for, group big, view much, LOGO is difficult to choose.

site planning silver key

planning is the beginning of a website, mainly to determine the location of the site, the direction of the development of the site and the soul of the website, these factors need to be fully reflected in the LOGO. But need to design such a map, let it load so much information that reflects the soul of the website easier said than done. I posted a reward on other websites to collect LOGO, and the entries are growing, but I don’t always feel right. Finally, the feeling of picking out is not very bad, such as


still can’t be sure. But also cannot do not, because this is the first gate that opens a website, have its existence, the construction of the website can continue to go on. This first door, I call it "the silver key."".

website promotion gold sign

set up a website, for any industry, the ultimate goal is marketing, are transformed into the pockets of "money", a successful LOGO has the inestimable promotion of website promotion, two unique role of the above mentioned LOGO is completely embodied in here.

first: links between peer websites.

a friend once said, "one >