7 year takeaway dining table network profit space is only 5%

makes a profit of 30% on the table and 25% of the operating and marketing costs, leaving about 5% of the profit margin. It is estimated that 800 square meters of central kitchen will run between 2 million 600 thousand and -400 million a month.


quality takeaway, the most important thing is to grasp 2 points: merchant choice, delivery time, but the cost is very high, the table network model has about 5% of the profit margins.

Jiang Xin, the founder of the

table network, said, "I’m the first person to take Chinese food away.".

talking about the table network, may be a lot of people do not have any impression, but its cooperative chain brand restaurant "Xin Hong Hui", "grandma", many people know. Jiang Xin founded the "fast easy pie" in 08, and began doing quality takeaway since then. It was renamed "table net" in 2011. It can be said to have been in this market for 7 years. Previously, he worked at Lihua Fast food. "I’ve had 13 years of experience in the restaurant industry," he quipped.

Jiang Xin says his first taste of quality takeaway is to get people to enjoy the food at home without waiting in line. This is a very cool thing, and this market is also very big. Take Shanghai for example, the food and beverage market has 100 billion scale, of which 20% can be considered quality food and beverage, and according to foreign situation, the proportion of takeaway is expected to account for 20%. But the problem is that the restaurant’s capacity is limited, the peak period of busy eating, it is difficult to guarantee the delivery speed and product guarantee. This, even with the corresponding distribution system support, can not be changed. So far, no one has any guarantee that Chinese dinner will reach 45min. Jiang Xin believes that the crux of the problem lies in the "industrial chain" fragmented".

in other words, if the production from the meal to delivery, including marketing, the entire process is controlled by one side, the quality of the food itself, meal speed and takeaway service quality can be guaranteed. And this change relies on the form is: central kitchen + self built logistics. After all, is to do heavy mode. At the same time, in order to reduce logistics costs, increase demand density, the table network will be a multi brand building a large platform for the kitchen. As a result, the user’s choice is more diverse, user stickiness (purchase frequency is high), in addition, the platform covers more users.

According to

Jiang Xin, the first in quality takeaway market, user demand is not low, but the entire service experience, including delicious, safe and quick, and stable service level, he will these elements are summarized as "quality, delivery, selection". Through the heavy mode, the table net will allow users within 3-4 kilometers to enjoy the standardized quality takeaway service of 45min arrival. He mentioned some details, such as meal packages, boxes, invoices will be unified output by the dining table network, in food safety, the table network can also be strong regulation, to ensure the safety of food ingredients and cooking process >