Blog 8th Anniversary want the world to be a little different for me


who would have thought the blog had been running for eight years?.

for eight years, only made a website: Lou loose blog.

and I moved from a young man to a middle-aged man.

I had lost, in the blog second years "I am who blog" this article is the most confused, then every Wednesday of original articles, unshakable wrote a year, really a little at the end of the feeling of sharing are written.

, and confused, at any time, in July 2010, such as this "blog period", trouble every day racking their brains, can not write anything.

in order to write articles, read every day, during that time bought dozens of books and SEO, promotion related books.

happiness within that time, interested, my world is still very small, without any utilitarian, with a little bit of knowledge to you, is my greatest pleasure, like a teacher, but also like a share.

not only shares the article, but also shares the template, which I took when I was blogging 3rd anniversary.


on this page, see a lot of old people should know that this is a template for the longest I use for 5 years, had not changed, although the interface is very small, but the details of almost every month will have changed, along with the popularity of Lu Songsong blog is free to download, is also provided in the plus, with this template is that in recent years the highest rate of use template.

this page, in 2016 is a comprehensive revision of the interface after the blog, but this time I ask a person to template has been made, the blog also full transition to PHP, the website also followed the trend, some fashion.


eight years ago, I looked forward to the future, I hope to have a stable and high income work, a love, rent a house near the company.

after eight years, I have been middle-aged, most of the time I began to think about the meaning and responsibility of life, especially in 2016, major changes occurred at home, I have become the mainstay in the true sense of the home.

and now I have a goal:

I hope,

the world,

because of me,

and a little different.



, this picture was taken in the Fragrant Hills of Beijing in April 2008, wearing a white collared T-shirt, a pair of loose jeans, and an airtight big leather shoes.