A webmaster question SNS website how to pull

"the biggest difficulty is how to pull." Yimeng home station

at the beginning of August, in Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch consulting (iResearch) jointly launched the 2008 "fourth investigation" development of China Internet community activities, many owners on how to treat the SNS new opportunities "discussions, the owners questioned and difficulties: how can the SNS website for more


looks at SNS’s communication model, including, but not limited to:

1, real life communication. SNS (social relations network) reflects the user’s real social relations, information authenticity, high degree of user confidence, common among friends, colleagues, language communication, such as: 5G.

2, word of mouth. Most of the domestic SNS imitation or borrowed from American FACE BOOK, has made the initiative in the launch of the SNS, or earlier, accumulated a considerable number of loyal users, such as: the school, on behalf of Tencent and UCenter Home as the support of the SNS community.

3 invites dissemination. Users are encouraged to invite their friends to join SNS by mail, MSN, Gtalk and so on. This is the most common mode of transmission, but the success rate is to be improved, because most people (including IT) are not willing to share their friends, circle, which is Chinese specific cultural atmosphere (exclusive) determined. This kind of representative: almost all SNS websites adopt this kind of mode to accumulate client.

4, "reward" invites dissemination. Encourage users to invite their friends to join SNS. Such representatives: in fun, inviting friends immediately brings benefits and increases property.

5, viral transmission. Encourage users to communicate spontaneously. Virus transmission is similar to the above four modes of communication, the difference is: only for a particular population, put forward a specific gateway, to meet specific needs. Such representatives are: 51, honeycomb (artist). 51 of the audience is relatively young: 35.5% of users under the age of 18, nearly 50% of users are young people between 18-24 years old, 23.4% of users for college students; users are relatively concentrated areas in Guangdong (21.3%), Hunan (14.7%), Jiangsu (7.7%), Zhejiang (6.3%); these people learn friends, the demand is hungry, just a little guide will become spontaneous behavior.

communication mode is applicable to all the SNS community, but from the perspective of resources, reputation, personal webmaster and existing SNS giant is unmatched, but adhere to the vertical and subdivision, have the opportunity to bid a space for one person, for example:

1, from the crowd: 51, users in Guangdong reached 21.3%, then 21.3% of users can be subdivided? In Guangdong, Shenzhen, there is a Lantau Peak, in Baoan District, Fuyong Town, Fenghuang Village, here called village, >