Entrepreneurship crisis encountered how to do poineering work

entrepreneurial road is full of unknown, for every entrepreneur is an unprecedented challenge, in order to easily overcome the need to reserve energy in advance. In the intention to start a business, entrepreneurs need to ask themselves how to do a crisis, thinking ahead to enhance the ability of risk prevention, this paper has a good way to give entrepreneurs guidance.

Second, the maintenance period is an inevitable stage in setting process, the development of an enterprise must generally undergo loss stage and maintenance stage and the stage of profit.

the maintenance phase refers to the market gradually accepted the products and services of enterprises, operating income over expenditure, enterprises began to have some surplus. Therefore, in the business plan, must correctly assess the value of the maintenance period, because the maintenance period is the inevitable stage of entrepreneurial business process.

Third, maintenance is the premise and basis to make money.

if the good market environment, to break the maintain state, we need to take aggressive strategies and measures, such as increasing market development and investment, increase the equipment and staff, invest the necessary advertising; if the market environment is not good, should save power, try to reduce operating costs, to maintain the size of the market.