How to get ahead of the trend of the network to drive web traffic


site itself, whether it is original, collection, or articles collected again after modification to expand the capacity of the website and the amount collected, the purpose of all this is to drive traffic, and when many webmaster every day at the Baidu search rankings, do related keywords of the article. Effect can not always achieve the desired results, at least not in the first page. I’d like to say something about myself. In recent days, Google’s PR update, perhaps in order to help a few friends, the original domain name PR is 3, after the update fell to the pr2. When depressed, even some links also took me away, I don’t know if this keyword ranking influence. But it is estimated that Google ranking will have an impact, specifically, I Google through the past few days to IP most of the less. Today, this is not my point, after all, Google has withdrawn from china. Today I talk about how to get ahead of the Internet trends related keywords, to improve the site traffic ideas. Simple ideas, methods, or rely on everyone to apply.

network, every day will generate a lot of super flow keywords, and some keywords can even in a few hours to your web site brings tens of thousands of IP. For many grassroots webmaster. Imagine how tempting it is. So, how to know the vast network every day, what things will be removed from the film, and every day to see Baidu search hundred, it is unlikely, because these were taken away early. If you add it, the best effect is only second pages.

only one possibility, that is, this keyword or in the production, not yet in the network when the outbreak, you published in advance, ranking natural front. This requires a lot of methods. Just a few ideas.

first: analysis of Baidu search rankings related keywords, these keywords are mainly in what way?. For example, in the network this kind of popular elements of the most crazy, the original to Fengjie, Sister Lotus, Xi Li Ge, and now the Sichuan University murder, and the chicken door etc.. Entertainment and the like. I have studied for a long time, found that such things, most attract Internet users eyeball. So how do we know such keywords in advance, of course, this kind of thing needs to be searched in the network.

second: the analysis of what kind of website, the first, is a large forum, look at their new posts, if no map no attraction, fewer words, you can take over, if there are plans, words long, provocative, can let the attention type post, I will pay attention to the. This is what we should go to search, check such keywords included, if not, well, we can use it. Start looking for relevant information online, organize, and if there are friends or relatives in the event of the best, immediately viewfinder, edit. Then reprinted a few articles, to see the effect. If the amount is small, change.

third: 56, Youku, tudou. This kind of video screen is the best material to extract, and they have the most broadcast hints that we can play today