Blogger’s experience inspire your blog writing

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station in great enthusiasm, but does the visits back then many webmaster scanty, to blog, write to us bloggers, as long as there is time on the line, not too much can get something, but also know a lot of friends.

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blog has a problem with some methods, it is difficult to calm down the habits of many friends said, so today we will talk about how to find inspiration from his blog.

1. check the message on the blog

as the owner of the blog, you need to listen carefully to the voice of every message, they may ask a question you can solve, perhaps they will tell you that they want to know what, there may even follow-up reports they want to see you before an article.

2. look at some of your favorite parts of the blog,

what do you like most about your blog? An elaborate design or a good article? Anyway, when you look at something you like, there is always a happy idea.

3. self challenge

looks at the number of reviews, times and times of an article before trackback, and tries to write an article that can cause further repercussions. Self challenge is the only way to grow up.

4. review old article

re read the logs you have published, and perhaps some of the details need to be elaborated.

5. view blog page

if you have a lot of information on one page, there must be some details about what you can expand on.

6. tells readers how you managed to do something successfully,

if you add some code to your theme, or you redesign your page layout, you can recall the process and share it with your readers.

7. log classification

will there be too little number of articles in some categories? If the classification of the log is too uneven, you can add some new articles to those with low classification.

8. creates a contribution page

if you don’t mind people posting articles on your blog, you can create a contribution page and invite your friends to write something for your blog. This method is simple, and you don’t need to have a mental feeling, ha ha.

when you’re inspired and start writing, sometimes an article can give you a lot of inspiration, so you can think over a couple of new articles. Remember to take your time, and don’t be dazzled by inspiration.

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