Make your website your own sideline

according to my observation and understanding, the individual webmaster who chooses the website to start a business is most of the young people who have just graduated or are still on campus. Not yet own career, but want to have their own career, or out of interest, chose to do a web site to start business.

most of the personal webmaster in technology, experience, energy aspects are very limited, coupled with the fierce competition in the internet. The website venture destined to have a long period which is unknown to the public, most of the owners of the state, if you are in school, with more than learning website, updated articles and so on is very easy. Slowly accumulate, as a student, you are not very dependent on their income, because there is money to spend your home, the site can earn money as pocket money, and even do not make money, out of interest is also very good. But if you have left the campus, it is time to start your own career, you also choose to do poineering work, it is necessary to straighten out its position in life. Many webmaster is left, never learned the language of the web site, from scratch, it was lack of technical experience, starting from the station to the site do success requires a prolonged.

my idea is that if you have stepped into the society, to make your own money to feed themselves, first of all to have a stable job, earn money to feed themselves, do at work from. There are several advantages to doing so:

1, to avoid building impatience, and have their own income sources, even if the site does not make money, it will not cause you too much emotional fluctuations. Otherwise, you pointed to the website for a long time, destined to go to eat.

2 is easier to persevere. Not because of a temporary site without progress and irritable. Because it’s your sideline.

3, enrich your life. What do you do in your spare time? Find something meaningful to do for your career. Enrich life.

on the site, two of the most important content, first, the originality of the content of the site, two is the number of Web sites outside the chain. If you want the website to succeed, these two points are the core. Don’t think too much. The main thing is to do both.

originality is directly related to the collection and weight of the website. First of all, the content of the legal, updated is a fresh article, there is no article on the network.

outside the chain does not mean that the number of links. Friendship links for more quality. And you exchange links website quality must be qualified. Not only will increase the weight of the site, also can avoid the K station caused by guilt. If the site is the poor quality of the other party, not updated in time, almost all the content acquisition and copying garbage station, or other Links mess, so the station can not exchange links, one day the other side of the station is K you have also been implicated.

timely write soft Wen, keep a few blogs, raise a few spaces, you can write your soft Wen at the same time, publish to each station, plus your link. If your article is reprinted, it will be added