Enterprise new network operation team assessment three steps

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to carry out network marketing, want to do network marketing is to set up his own team, many business owners don’t understand network marketing, do not know how to manage the network team, not to mention how to check their work. The following machine to share a single Jen information, Xuan Peng teacher’s new formation, operation team assessment, three steps song.

did you do the performance appraisal correctly,


has just set up the team, put all positions in accordance with the importance of drawing coefficient, such as the coefficient of the whole network operations is 1, edit the proportion is 0.3, accounting for 0.2 of promotion, customer service accounted for 0.5, as long as the bonus, everyone according to their coefficient of commission, for example, the boss gave me this month are 10000 departments dollars, the editor accounted for 0.3, with 3000 dollars; promotion accounted for 0.2, with 2000, according to each position made coefficient, but this assessment right


a simple example, the newly formed network marketing, as to levy, building high cover, but the first step to downwards dig, at the beginning of many basic work can not be immediate, let you have orders on the Internet transaction. So, if you use performance to give your employees bonuses, the 1 months without performance, he does not matter, 2 months without performance, he may leave, so, the first step is the assessment of workload assessment.

1. Workload assessment

what is the workload assessment? 30% of the post wage or to do, and that 70% performance pay assessment,


the first stage is not to assess how many customers you have brought to your company, but to quantify everything you do at this stage.

, for example, the editor should register at least 50 forums in 1 months, and send at least 3 posts per 1 forums every day. The website should be updated at least 2 times a day, and the original articles should be collected 10 times a day. Write down his workload in the performance table, how many original articles every day, you can reach it every day, every week, every month, and I will send you the performance salary. The first stage is called "deep digging" and "extensive accumulation of grain".


at this stage, we should mobilize the enthusiasm of network operation, so that they can do more, do more and try more, although they will make a lot of mistakes, but it doesn’t matter. This is to let your employees through training and gradually become proficient stage, so this stage is the assessment workload, each post daily workload to clear out.

two, standard and manual examination

workload, you will find that the more skilled employees are, the last month he can only write 50 Bowen, this month he might write 60. The first stage is the workload assessment. After 1 months and 2 months, you will be surprised to find that your staff will improve their work efficiency. But will this efficiency continue to improve,