Car home and BTAUTO interlocking are required to trade


China’s car sales are accelerating, according to data released by the China automobile industry association. In 2013, China’s auto sales 21 million 984 thousand and 100, an increase of 13.87%. In 2014, auto sales is expected to reach 24 million, equivalent to the United States, Japan and Germany in 2013 the market scale and! Plus car service, second-hand car, car rental, the market scale reached trillions, in addition to real estate could not find such a "money" industry. The real estate market jittery, automobile consumption will take up the responsibility to stimulate domestic demand.

The involvement of

Internet companies in the automotive market remains on the surface, gathering information and displaying advertising. The car home and easy car network is representative of them, can play the capital, technology and brand, from the booming car market more than a share, as tens of billions of dollars in enterprise be nothing difficult. Over the years, each of its two car websites has its own chance, and no one has a better chance of winning it.

web content

open the car home or car net home page, see is similar to the two car vertical sites. In fact, in terms of content, the establishment of the first car network is car home to catch up.

was founded in 2005 as the home of the car, an out and out network media that attracts traffic by content, and flows through advertising. The bulk of the cost of car home business is content acquisition, in 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively, 43 million 940 thousand yuan, 62 million 870 thousand yuan and 95 million 990 thousand yuan. In 2013, the car home updated an average of 600 articles, 1200 photos and 10 videos per day.

BITAUTO early business is for automobile manufacturers to develop software dealers, brilliance is the first of its customers. Established in 2003, the "new idea interaction" is an advertising company that provides Internet marketing services for car dealers, mainly to help businesses push their models, prices and other information to various websites. In November 2004, BITAUTO began positioning itself in the new car guide first station to provide marketing services for manufacturers and distributors to provide consumers with car guide. BITAUTO operating costs in bulk is to Baidu, Tencent, NetEase, 360 and other 600 partners to pay the cost of exchange for advertising to show the 14 thousand car dealers uploaded information (dealer customers through BITAUTO can directly participate in the Baidu PPC)

According to

Alexa data, BITAUTO daily visitors reached 10 million 500 thousand IP, the amount of reading page PV is 31 million 500 thousand (March average); only 2 million 990 thousand cars daily visitors, page reading volume has reached 59 million 760 thousand (average in March).

BITAUTO buy traffic, readers 3 pages on the road; the car home is the main natural flow, the average reader to see 20 pages. In comparison, the content that BITAUTO and car home there is.