Basic process of establishing online store

, Taobao PPG, the forerunner of the market where customers Eslite lit the sparks of fire apparel e-commerce, Liaoyuanzhishi rapid combustion to the whole industry. The rapid development of e-commerce has made the traditional clothing enterprises feel a direct threat, and virtually robbed the mainstream market in the future. Especially brand clothing, want to face all have the spending power of urban white-collar workers, white-collar groups but due to the fast pace of life, almost all day in the global network, and have little time to patronize traditional stores. Clothing enterprises in the face of major user groups, work habits, habits change greatly, almost lost the core competitiveness. The result of this is the loss of the future. Faced with this situation, the best way is not to escape clothing enterprises, but take a positive attitude to participate in it, it may find out the law, so as to recapture the existing market share.

users have what kind of psychological needs in the process of online shopping? Is a clothing quality assurance, let people buy the rest assured; two is the rich variety of diversity, for the user to pick the better, allowing users to have a sense of achievement in the purchase process; three is not worry about customer service delivery. Convenient. These three problems have been solved, and the door of e-commerce has been opened.

brand clothing enterprises have a misunderstanding, that clothing e-commerce is only the site from the store into a network, in fact, this is very inaccurate. Network marketing, brand operation, online promotion, logistics, distribution and a series of problems need to be solved. Therefore, network marketing is not simply selling clothes online, especially for brands, network branding, brand networking is the inevitable choice.

briefly introduces some basic processes for building online stores

1. builds online stores with exquisite pages and a taste for a product specific population. Integration of content management, invoicing, customer management, call centers, information centers five major systems.

2. shoot product pictures, professional photographers and models, according to album standards, post production catalogue.

3. to develop standardized network sales service flow

4. develop standardized online marketing strategies and promotional manuals

5. develop standardized product Invoicing quality inspection system

6. arrange special personnel or outsourcing for market and peer data research and analysis, adjust marketing strategy in time

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