Jiang Likun operation promotion strategy of forum community Part one

from early September until now, has not written. Is really busy, in September to do a training in the search for the operation manager, and then participated in the Northeast China Internet Conference webmaster. Then push a marketing school line to graduate from work, and help them worry about work together. Eleven, while back home to visit their parents, and then returned to start writing books immediately. This two months feels like a rocket. The whoosh of it came, but also not idle, busy all day long scorched by the flames.

the first two days by Discuz! Zhang Xiang’s invitation, in the "Discuz! Webmaster forum" to share with friends about the operation of forum topic, so Jiehuaxianfo them to share out. Because some of the content and experience can not be open to the public, so this paper finishing, some places do reduce and treatment, hope you will forgive me. At the same time thanks to the organizers of the event and the finishing, Discuz! Zhang Yuan: beauty book) reformed, following classroom memoir:

with the rise of the concept of WEB2.0, community more and more attention, we all understand, WEB1.0 has been difficult to adapt to the new era of development, community is the future direction. The community in the end how to do it? Often people ask me, that is how to promote the forum, the forum is not popular, and many people think that forums and websites do, need to promote it. In fact, this is a wrong cognition, first of all to correct this mistake.


forum focuses on operations, not promotion. Forum is different from the traditional type 1 web site, the so-called WEB1.0 is content based, as long as the promotion of the right, there will be traffic. And the promotion is simple, just one step: you want users to find ways to pull to your website to browse, OK.

but not to the community, the community five step than information at least: you only the user to browse, because the light is not enough, someone browsing, it is still a dead community, no meaning; it needs to further improve the second step, let the user registration, user registration but not OK? Not registered post, called the death of users; so we need third steps, allowing users to post, but the user with a post even if successful? Or, occasionally send a post, the forum is not fire up, users often need to post, which is the fourth step, let users often post it; often posting on OK? Certainly not, if the net send some worthless water paste, can not be called a good community, so the fifth step requires users to send users some valuable posts, often participate in community discussion and Come from interaction.

in these five steps, in addition to the first step can be completed through the promotion, the other four steps can not be completed through promotion, and the remaining four steps, you have to rely entirely on the operation. Therefore, for the community, the network promotion to do the cattle again, are useless, and conversely, even if not promoted, but the community itself is good, it will develop very well. And for the community, the biggest promotion